Thứ Sáu, ngày 09 tháng 9 năm 2016

 Introducing us in our template in the template About us About Us About Us Our template in the template in the template About us About us About Us Our template in the template in the template About us About Us we in the template About us ... Ba Dong village fishing port (Ky Loi commune, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh) is at the heart of environmental incidents at sea. In late August, hundreds of boats are still exposed to the rain the sun coast. Long days at sea, fishermen take the boat cover blankets, but the wind was tearing sun visor tattered. About 2 km, the factory chimney in regular school activities Formosa. Wednesday, 31/08/2016 | 07:40 GMT + 7 Share articles to FacebookPost to TwitterShare article posts on google + | Philippine Foreign Secretary: 'China will lose if you do not comply with the judgment' China warned the Philippines would be the failure if they ignore the rulings of the Court of Arbitration on the East Sea issue. Ancient Strategy can help the Philippines cope China in the South China / China is willing to pursue the dialogue with the Philippines foreign-truong-philippines-middle-quoc-se-lose-neu-phot-lo-phan-sea-quyet-dong Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay. Photo: GMA "We are trying to make China understand that if they do not respect and recognition of court rulings ultimately they will be the losers," Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay said in a congressional hearing Tuesday 30/8. Before the start of bilateral talks, the Philippines plans to reach an agreement with China to allow Filipino fishermen access to waters rich in natural resources, he said Yasay. China controlled the Scarborough Shoal since 2012 and prevented Filipino fishermen access to this entity, one of the factors that bring the matter Manila Court of Arbitration. "When we began formal negotiations or bilateral engagements with China, we must mention the Arbitration Court ruling as the basis to do that. There are no exceptions," he said Yasay. A female lawmaker in charge of the investigation Philippines for punishing campaign of bloody drug offenses by President Rodrigo Duterte vowed to launch further their fight, despite the accusations, insults and threats a threat to the country's leaders, according to Reuters. Female MPs Mrs. Leila De Lima that is, who have formed a group of investigators from the Philippine Senate to consider measures to murder the president Duterte is applied in the fight against drug crime in this country. Since coming to power two months ago, Mr. Duterte has allowed the police, immediately shot down civilians who are suspected of trafficking and drug use without trial. Since then, more than 1,900 people were killed in the gun battle in the streets, while many were mounted plaque "drug retailers who" after being killed. Human rights officials and American UN has warned the Philippines about the situation, but he Duterte has vowed to fight to the last implementation, with an average of 36 people were killed each day. Fears cover Ms. De Lima decided to speak out after hundreds of people were killed in the street by plainclothes gunmen sealed surface. They rode the large displacement motorcycles, opened fire on the victim, then revved escape. "Based on the signs and testimonies of witnesses, they really are the police. Was it not the death squad? Who are they, and are working under the direction of someone", women conference this officer questioned. According to her, even though President Duterte commitment that only the bosses and drug traffickers have been punished, in fact most of the victims were shot to death are poor. "Victims were targeted were the weakest, can not afford to defend themselves and the very poor. Justice in cases where such injustices," she said. Nicknamed "The punishment" President Duterte has encouraged aggressive police with drug crime, and human rights groups say this has led Philippine police may feel heavy-handed killing without fear of retribution. The lawyer said many drug trafficking suspects was shot dead while handcuffed or in the cell. Since its inception, the committee of the Senate investigation headed by Mrs. conducted two hearings to find out actually what is happening in the fight against drugs. However, this committee does not have the right to prosecute or to order the arrest of any person involved. De Lima hopes such hearings will accelerate the process through an Act of Parliament is rule, which stipulates that acts of murder without trial is a special type of crime will be punished severely other. She also wants to boost power to the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), so that the agency can investigate cases of violations.